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Why Choose NGT
At NGT, we believe in innovation and efficiency to ensure excellent IT services to our clients.

We Are Certified

NGT values transparency, which is why our facilities are certified and audited by Big-Four audit company for secure environment. Experts design our policies and procedures because we aim to meet high-level precision in our routine operations. Our facilities are audited twice a year for environment and security protocols, which helped us achieve bank-level security compliance and building confidence in our financial sector clients.  We also welcome an independent third-party audit.

NGT is strictly following security protocols to protect the confidentiality of our client’s data.
Our offshore facilities have multilayered security systems installed, including facial
recognition, biometric system and physical clearance. The office includes three different
working zones that are optimized according to the client’s specific needs.

We Are Secure


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Shared Services Zone

For regular services and operations, we have a shared services zone which is assessable to all the staffs.


Secure zone  

Secure zone is an on-facility dedicated workspace with limited access where only selected people can enter. A facial recognition and bio metric system is installed at every entrance point.


Ultra-secure zone

 High-level secure area with the only client authorized personals accessibility. Ultra-secure zone allows our clients to ensure maximum confidentiality of their data and premises. 24/7 security cameras surveillance and controlled access is ensured whose access can be shared with our clients. This zone is also secured by facial recognition and biometric systems.  

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We are efficient

We have reduced a tier of operators (Level 1) in our support services to save time and unnecessary escalations. NGT has only two tiers for our back-end support services, including level 3 and engineering. There are three tiers for our end-user support services, including level 2, level 3 and engineering. This will not only reduce the cost of the project and save time but also increase first call resolution rate. This innovative model helped us achieve an amazing first call resolution rate of 88% with minimal call transfers.

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