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Keep Your Organization’s SharePoint’s Critical Data Protected

Organizations across the world use SharePoint services for their data management, data sharing, and storage. It provides various features to support your business operations, but it also makes it critical to ensure safety and security. Your organization’s essential and sensitive data may be stored in it.

Our team of experts will provide you with a complete assessment of your SharePoint security and management. We review your business’s specific needs and assess the SharePoint security accordingly.  

Process We Follow 

It involves using various manual and automated tools to assess the vulnerabilities and loopholes in your SharePoint system.

The gathered information is then thoroughly reviewed and analyzed according to industry best practices.

Assessment and analysis are followed by a comprehensive strategic plan and suggestions which are practical and efficient.

Ensuring various security checks

  • SharePoint version in use

  • Security configuration settings

  • Default permissions

  • User enumeration

  • Architect review

  • Data classification

  • Security settings

  • Penetration test



Get Professional Services From NGTsol Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officers)

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is an important person to hire for a business whose operations deal with the digital environment. For small and medium organizations, this can be an expensive hire considering budget and resource constraints. NGT provides a solution for this by providing CISO as a service. This prevents the need for your business to hire a full-time person for the job.

Our experienced and trusted CISOs provide excellent consultation and services using their vast industry-based knowledge and experience. They stay updated on the ever-changing digital business environment because of their experience of working with various companies. We also provide virtual CISO services for your business. Our professionals perform various tasks such as threat monitoring, assessment for vulnerabilities, risk calculations, and other functions.

Gateway Security Audits
Our experts analyze your URL filtrations, data theft prevention, malware code detection and various other tools.

Virtual CISO
Virtual Chief information security officer can be very cost effective and more efficient for your business since they are trained to work in multiple business environments.

Security consultation
Our CISO will always give suggestions and consultations according to your business’s specific requirements.

Services Offered

As part of the service, our Virtual CISO team will help you with the following services

  • Developing a security roadmap

  • Developing remote and hybrid security teams

  • Reviewing and optimizing policies and procedures

  • Reviewing security architecture, configurations, and code

  • Ensuring compliance with mandated and recommended security standards

  • Submitting periodic reports on operational security Monitoring, investigating and responding to security incidents

  • Administering and implementing an Information Security Management System

  • Conducting risk assessment

  • Conducting periodic vulnerability assessments

  • Researching industry trends

  • Advising the C-Suite on security matters

  • Providing flexible services based on your business needs

  • Building a team to perform 24/7 monitoring

  • Providing prompt and reliable telephone and email support for security-related matters etc..

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Mobile Application Security & Device Assessment Services For All Organizations.

Technology is dominating most of the business activities, and the digital business environment is growing very rapidly. With more user-friendly options being introduced, cybersecurity also becomes an evolving challenge.


Mobile-based applications are being introduced to businesses at a very rapid rate. Employees use these applications at places away from offices. This, on the one hand, is very efficient, but it also requires very careful data management. Most of the company’s data is now accessible to employees anywhere in the world. This leaves room for potential data theft and leaks.


NGT will provide consultation and services on designing a mobile application security strategy working closely with your business. To what extinct company’s data should be available on mobile applications? Who can have access? These many questions are to be answered in order to ensure your cybersecurity.

Mobile Application Security Assessment
Our experts will work with your business to assess your mobile applications and their usage. They will conduct source code reviews to ensure the authentication of application if they are appropriate for security standards. We suggest using end to end encryption and integration to identify communication with other apps. It also helps ensure secure data flow to other services. We use various manual and automated tools to ensure the proper assessment of vulnerabilities.

Mobile Device Management Assessment
MDM (Mobile device management) equip IT personals with more options to manage and secure mobile application data. A complete analysis of various devices, such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops, needs to be done.

Our mobile security experts will help you design mobile device management policies according to industry best practices to ensure data safety and minimizing vulnerabilities. Data authorization and authentication policies also require to be aligned with business operations, and any unnecessary action must be eliminated. 


The Specialists Provide Comprehensive Security Services For The Web, Mobile, And Cloud-Based Applications.

Applications are essential to today’s digital environment and are being widely used across the world. Along with their extended functionalities, they are subject to cyber-attacks. It is crucial to understand that every application uses a different programming language and has specific features. This makes it more critical to ensure the security of these applications.

NGT helps you with a more specific and detailed assessment of both mobiles based and web-based applications. We analyze your customized applications according to your business requirements and provide appropriate security solutions.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
Our team of application security experts at NGT uses various SAST tools to assess your vulnerabilities and malfunctioning applications. Our static application security testing or white box testing allows you to ensure the security and flaw assessment of both early stages and after production stages.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
We review your applications from a hacker’s perspective to have a compact analysis from various aspects through our dynamic security testing or black-box testing. During black box or dynamic testing, the application’s secure code assessment is not available. This type of testing is suggested to use at various application production stages, depending on your business-specific needs.

Application Penetration Testing
Using OWASP’s practices for application penetration, we simulate an attack on your applications are some hackers would do. This is very similar to the Dynamic Application Security Assessment (DASP). In this practice, we try to penetrate deeply into your systems and procedures. This allows our security experts to analyze any loopholes in the architect of your application. A comprehensive analysis report is made; as a result of helping secure your systems.

API Security
NGT provides complete API security to your applications. APIs may be the most vulnerable aspect of your application since hackers use it to enter your system more frequently than other tools. We conduct a complete assessment of your API gateways, API management, encryptions and signatures, API key, authentications, OIDC (Open ID connect), etc. This is followed by suggestions and measurable actions to ensure that no loophole is left untreated.

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